1. Sweet Fee

From the recording Taller Than Me


Darlin’ Dear,
You are stronger than me
As you show me how to shine
With your belly full of light

Our boy, Sweet Fee
We gonna teach you how to sing
To the counting of your toes
Hope you got your mama’s nose

And my…
Gentle way of things
Never fall without the leaves
A brush
To paint most anything you dare to dream about
The sounds that tumble out your mouth
I’ll see you
In July

Four quick years
You are brave, I get fearful
But I love what’s on your mind
And that sliver in your eye

Of blue, you see
The chisel shows you things
As it’s chipping every day
As we send you on your way

To school
God, don’t make me talk about school
It’s always on the news
It's tough
To keep you safe when rules
Just really don’t exist
For mental health and ammunition
Take my money take the rest
Without the guns without the vests

I want to
See you in July
Mama’s going to
Have a birthday for you