1. Out for a Ride

From the recording Taller Than Me


Oh, you’re fine
In your shitty way
You’re free now to waste even
More life away

Please don’t use it
To hurt anyone
2 boys are now ashes
You walked away from

I’d kill you
Just want you to know that I’d love to
You think it’s a joke, I know that you do
I heard what you said, your friends told on you
Before you moved

Near my desk
Is a miniature urn
In a shadow box next to
A watch that still turns

In my closet
A hospital band
To remind me the name of
My brother’s best friend

I’ll kill you
Just want you to know that I need to
I know you were drunk, I know that you tried
To swerve and to scare two kids out for a ride

And I want you
To know how love feels taken from you
How it feels to wake up with just a band and a watch
And know no one will see them again
Because of you